Sean recently sold our Forest Hill home in just a week. His professionalism, attention to detail and responsiveness greatly contributed to the quick sale. Sean handled the entire process with the ease of a seasoned realtor. He is our go-to agent for any future business and we would highly recommend him to family, friends and colleagues. 

–  Marcie and Ryan

Sean Routbard is not your average realtor. As a professional Sean goes above and beyond the call of duty for her clients. As a person, he is a kind, generous and rock solid, the qualities you need when helping to sell a house because selling is not just about bricks and mortar it is about the memories and emotions that tie you to your ‘home’. This is what is exceptional about Sean – he understands with clarity what it means to sell someone’s home. Sean helped me to prepare, sell and let go of my home this past spring 2015. Sean guided me with great patience, kindness and understanding, and I felt secure that he was the right guy for the job. I feel very lucky to have worked with Sean and to know him as a person. A heartfelt thanks!

–  Frances G.

I am writing to express my deepest thanks for your exceptional work in the listing and sale of my property in the Kensington Market lofts. Throughout the process you were incredibly astute, professional, and diligent. If it were not for your market savvy and the very long hours you put in showing the place, I would certainly not be where I am today. I was amazed that you managed to attract no fewer than 40 showings in one weekend, and your strategy regarding bidding was impeccable. As you know, we have now sold the unit for $20,000 over asking, but you may not know that it was actually $40,000 more than the price I would’ve set on the place in the absence of your help. Again I am very grateful for your outstanding work on this, and will enthusiastically recommend you to friends and family.

–  Linda C.

Attn Office Manager: I recently purchased a house in Corktown, The agent acting for me in that sale was Sean Routbard who I believe is a member of your staff. I was very happy with the service he provided me so I wanted to take the opportunity to make a few comments. Before encountering Mr. Routbard – which was the result of simply walking into your office for some basic information one Saturday – I had been in touch with on informal basis with several agents in Toronto. Sean however was the first one who was willing to simply answer a few questions in a helpful way without trying to extract a whole range of detailed information from me. I was impressed by this and thereupon decided he was someone who would be pleasant to deal with. In the ensuing weeks this proved to be the case; I found him invariably polite, patient and hard-working. Unlike many agents, he turned out to be knowledgeable about the housing market, about financing, and about techniques of construction and maintenance. Above all he is a good listener, never trying to sell me something I did not want and when it came time to buy, he proved to be straightforward and honest. All in all I would be happy to recommend him to any friends buying or selling real estate (which in fact is something I have already done).

–  Kelly C.

I came to know Sean because our sons play baseball together. At that time we weren’t looking to move, but in the years between when we met Sean and when we moved, a couple of things happened. First of all I went to work as an assistant to a real estate agent. I learned that a great many agents lack knowledge and basic common sense. There are a lot of really bad real estate agents out there. Secondly I became Facebook friends with Sean and realized that Sean is a very smart man. When it came time to move I did not call any of the agents I met while working at the real estate office, I called Sean. My instinct did not let me down. Sean is smart: smart about real estate, smart about the market, smart about people and smart about what we were looking for and what we needed. He was smart when the stress of buying and selling the house made my husband and I completely numb. My husband and I were impressed by Sean right from the start to the very end. He is professional, knowledgeable, responsible, punctual, hard-working, patient and kind. He’s also a really nice guy which was important since we spent a lot of time with him looking for a new home. We never felt pressured by him and I’m convinced that we would not have received as much as we did for our old home if it weren’t for his persistence and hard work. I can’t recommend Sean enough. Sean Routbard is and excellent real estate agent. 

–  Joelle S

You have an exceptional asset in Sean Routbard as an associate of your real estate brokerage firm. I’m so glad that I had him as my agent for both the sale of my property and the purchase of my new place. He possesses the best in work ethics. He was always on top of things, always available, always keeping me instantaneously informed by phone, by email and always there before me in time for our meetings. He’s sharp, intelligent, resourceful, technologically adept and so thoroughly accurate. I am impressed with him. Sean knew exactly what I was looking for a new place and the day the listing came out, we met, viewed it, put in an offer the next day and negotiated the final price. Then immediately I had to get my place ready for sale. I listed it with Sean, and was apprehensive about the length of time it might take, but it sold within 9 days. My purchase and sale all occurred within a three-week timeframe. I trusted Sean’s expertise, knowledge and judgment to guide me in making my decisions. He was proactive in his follow-ups with other agents and getting their feedback. He conscientiously worked hard at taking care of things with prompt precision each step of the way, including confirming some areas of concern with my real estate lawyer. Everything flowed so smoothly and so efficiently and so quickly. On my part, it was seemingly effortless and with Sean working on my the half, I felt at ease with these two significant endeavours in my life. I enjoyed having Sean as my agent. He is an honest ethical person who helped me out when an emergency issue occurred with my place for sale just hours prior to my first showing. Sean was there on the phone in an instant with the electrician to resolve the problem. I’m extremely happy with the way things advanced and I couldn’t of asked for a better outcome for both my purchase and sale. It is rare that I’m impressed with any kind of service I receive. I thought that Sean deserves to be at knowledged and to say that on a scale of 1 to 10 he ranks a 10 in my opinion. I would recommend him highly to anyone without a doubt. 

–  Arlene J.

Sean, thank you so much for everything. I know I was a terrible pain but you were always patient and wonderful to spend time with (lucky for me, since it was so much time]. I especially appreciate all the extra help you gave me along the way – pricing reno’s, checking furnaces, keeping my crazy painter in line… I could never have done it without you. I’ve told everyone that it was only due to your brilliance and expertise that I got the house in the end! Thanks again you’re the best. 

–  Lori E.

Dear Sean: Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough to express our gratitude for all that you’ve done for us. You’ve been so patient and understanding and above all, an excellent agent. It’s been a rocky process, but hopefully this one works out so that you can finally wash your hands of us! Thank you for everything.
Take care 

–  K & K

Sean, just wanted to say thanks for all your help and advice during the process of buying my first home. I really appreciated all the time you took explaining everything involved as we went along, especially being a first-time buyer. I love the condo and can’t wait to have it cleaned up and fixed so I can be back in Toronto full-time hopefully in the New Year. 

–  Marcie S.

Dear Sean: Usually the task of finding a new home and or selling your own home is a stressful and tedious challenge. It takes a long time and is often accompanied by anxiety as well. That alone, made us think a lot before deciding to search for a new home. Just the thought of being sure that we would find the right house and the stress of having to then sell our own in time for the right price were enough to make us wait. Finding the right real estate agent to work with is also stressful. Finding someone you can trust and who can provide you with the best information and advice could seem impossible. Gladly we were referred to you. Your familiarity with the housing market trends, the neighborhoods, the areas; your technological knowledge of building standards and specifications, would you cared to share with us at every home we viewed, gave us so much confidence and clearly helped us find the right house for us. You knew how to share your ideas and concerns without overshadowing our criteria or our opinions. It made us respect and value your input and we ended up seeking it as a confirmation that we were on the right path. We found a beautiful house, and we feel that we paid a good price for it. That is all we can ask for. And that was only the beginning. What really stressed us out was selling our own house and not really knowing enough about the market. Tagging a price to our home felt like a huge risk. But you showed us how to do it in a calculated and professional way. You helped us prep the house for sale and maximize our profit on it. Most importantly, you provided us with the confidence and support throughout the process, allowing it to actually be a pleasant one! So we really wanted to thank you. Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with; thanks for a job so well done; thanks for being so professional, so straightforward and honest; thanks for always being available, even when you weren’t really… And thanks for making us feel that we were your number one priority. That is maybe the most important thing. We are proud to have the Sean Routbard sold sign on our front lawn and will continue referring our friends you as we have already done. Although we don’t plan on doing this again for a while now, we do hope you keep in touch and we know we definitely will. 

–  U & I

It is my distinct pleasure to both of knowledge and thank Sean Routbard for the outstanding work he did to list and sell my home last month. I’m thoroughly delighted with the professional service, expert advice and the stellar results he provided me along the way. My home sold for $43,000 over asking! Even in the best of situations, selling ones home can be a very stressful endeavor. But with Sean as my realtor, he inspired confidence and trust in me. Sean was truly my best advocate. This made the process much more smooth and efficient than anticipated. Reflecting back, I attribute a great deal of the positive results to his excellent communication skills. Sean was always on top of things and communicated with me often in a straightforward, respectful and timely manner. Initially, Sean provide expert advice on the potential value of my home and what it would take to maximize the selling price. In consultation with him, we determined the best course of action. Sean recommended, made arrangements and provided oversight for a thorough electrical and home inspection and a professional photo shoot. My home showcased beautifully. More significantly, Sean recommended a reputable company and provided oversight for extensive interior and exterior work done to waterproof and make reparations to my basement. Sean was there through multiple stages to ensure the work was completed quickly and for a reasonable and fair price. When it came time to list and show my home, I was confident that potential buyers would see the best my property had to offer. Showings went smoothly with as little disruption to me as possible. It only took six days to receive multiple offers and close a clean deal with no conditions. A strategic thinker, Sean approached every stage in selling my home calmly and confidently. He went above and beyond to provide me with the best service and results. Throughout, Sean not only met, but exceeded my expectations. If you were looking to sell and/or purchase a home, I strongly recommend Sean Routbard as a real estate agent. He is trustworthy, caring, helpful, knowledgeable and highly skilled in his profession. I have no doubt that he will meet and exceed your expectations too.

–  Susan H.